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Thank you for your order. The Health Information and Resources Service (HIRS) is currently involved in the office re-design project. Due to this we are using temporary accomodation with very limited on-site storage. Your resources may not be readily available immediately, but we will endeavour to complete your order as soon as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your support during this period.







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Self Management for people living with long term conditions

This book is co designed by health professionals and people living with long term conditions. It is designed to be used with the Wellbeing Self Management Plan to support people with long term conditions to self manage. It is also available on the LGOWIT.

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Your Baby! Tests Offered

A5-sized 24-page booklet about the screening tests offered to all babies in the first few weeks explaining what conditions can be tested for, and what the tests involve, so you can decide if you want your baby to have them. Also explains the possible outcomes if you choose not to have the tests. Available as a PDF download in Urdu, Polish and Chinese from NHS Health Scotland website . If you require this in alternate formats then contact NHS Health Scotland publications at 2017 version.

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Ready Steady Toddler

A4-sized colour booklet that is a hands-on guide for parents as they experience the changes their child goes through when they leave the baby stage behind and become an inquisitive and demanding toddler. Revised 2017 Edition.  Available as a PDF download in English (2015 edition), Chinese and Polish (2014 edition) from NHS Health Scotland website:- .

Should be issued by Health Visitor 12 - 15 months after birth as recommended in Highland Information Trail - Edition 9. 

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Off to a Good Start

A4-sized multi-paged colour booklet that aims to help pregnant women, new mums and their families make decisions about how they will feed their baby. It gives information and practical advice about developing a close and loving relationship with your baby; preparing for breastfeeding when you are pregnant; the benefits of breastfeeding; the difference between breastmilk and formula; skin-to-skin contact at birth and the first magical hour; how breastfeeding works (including positioning and attachment); breastfeeding when you are out and about; going back to work and a trouble-shooting guide. November 2016 version. Available as a PDF download in Polish from NHS Health Scotland website:-

Should be issued at 28 weeks of pregnancy by Midwives as recommended in Highland Information Trail - Edition 9.


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NHS Highland's Health Information and Resources Service (HIRS) is available for professionals, students and the general public working or living within NHS Highland's geographical area and Argyll and Bute council areas. 

To borrow resources and order materials, you need to register with HIRS by completing the online registration form found at the top right of this page under the Login/Register link and select Register as a new user link. 

Visitors to our website are welcome to browse our website and download our range of leaflet and poster pdfs.

All materials are free of charge to HIRS registered clients.  Prices are displayed on this website to highlight the cost of materials to NHS Highland and to discourage clients from stockpiling materials.

Argyll and Bute clients are not permitted to borrow returnable resources e.g. training packs, models, games, equipment etc but they may order leaflets, booklets, wheels, stickers, cups, postcards, non returnable DVDs and posters.  Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.