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Selecting Booking Dates

When selecting your booking dates please be aware that the START date is the day the resources leave Assynt House and the END date is the day the resources are due back at Assynt House.  Please take this into account when choosing your booking dates and allow several days at the start and end of your bookings for resources to travel through NHS Highland’s mail system.

Argyll and Bute Budget.

The budget which has been allocated by Argyll and Bute for public health information resources is now fully spent for 2015/2016.  We will keep your order on file and process when we have our new budget in April 2016.  Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Your Wellbeing and You

Your Wellbeing and You  (1PAT/005/L)

Formerly know as 'The Lifestyle Health Check' this A5-sized 34 page booklet is aimed at people who are considering making a change to their lifestyle.   This can be used by professionals after delivery of a lifestyle health check and contains simple lifestyle information. It also takes the patient through a thinking and planning process based on health behaviour change principle.  (December 2015 Edition)

For Use by Trainers Only.

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HIRS 2015 Customer Survey Feedback Report

HIRS 2015 Customer Survey Feedback Report  (3SUR/001/x)

Health Information and Resources Service (HIRS) A4 Customer Survey Feedback Report re results from survey carried out to all HIRS clients on 20 April 2015. Also separate Appendix One: HIRS Survey Feedback and Action Timetable document.

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I'm Hungry. A guide for healthy snacks poster.

I'm Hungry. A guide for healthy snacks poster.  (1FOO/022/P)

A3-sized colourful poster providing advice and tips on what is a snack, are snacks neccessary, how snacking affects teeth, what makes a healthy snack, suitable drinks and food labelling. Also includes simple ideas and suggestions on what children can eat as a healthy snack.

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Identifying Domestic Abuse

Identifying Domestic Abuse  (1GBV/003/L)

A7-sized multi-paged booklet that has been designed in partnership with women, who have experienced domestic abuse, and aims to support people to identify if they are in an abusive relationship. It is useful for both women and men, in same-sex and hetroesexual relationships, and includes information on how to keep safe and what agencies can do to help.

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FIT  (1SER/004/DVD)

A DVD that tells the individual stories of six young people who think that all they have in common is dancing. It follows them as they battle through a minefield of exploding hormones, awakening feelings and homophobia as they attempt to fit in, stand out, discover their own identities and accept each other. Tackles the issues of homophobic bullying in a culture where everything from not liking sport to wearing the wrong trainers is 'gay'. (104 minutes). Supporting booklet contained in the DVD case.

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What to expect after immunisation Pads: Young people 2015 Edition

What to expect after immunisation Pads: Young people 2015 Edition  (1IMM/005/L)


This A4 leaflet will allow health professionals to provide young people and their parents with an easy to read guide on the common side-effects of immunisations, how to treat them and where to go for further information and advice. Updated 2015 version.  This leaflet is also available to download in pdf format in Chinese, Polish, Urdu and Easy Read from the following link:-

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What's New

New Government Alcohol Guidelines for Men and Women.

Until suppliers reprint their alcohol leaflets and posters, existing alcohol materials stocked by HIRS will be amended to show new 14 weekly units of alcohol guidelines for men which are now the same for men and women.

No Smoking Day 2016.

No Smoking Day is on Wednesday, 9 March 2016.  To order a free campaign pack from the British Heart Foundation, please visit their website at: [more...]
and select link I’m supporting people quitting. This year’s campaign for No smoking Day is “Proud to be a quitter”, featuring real stories from real people. #nosmokingday

HIRS 2015 Customer Survey Feedback Report and Action Timetable

Documents - xSUR/001/x available to view on HPAC'S Home Page in PDF format.

HPAC User Quick Guide - 3TRA/001/x.

The new user guide is available to download, view and print on HPAC by adding the text 3TRA/001/x to the search facility and pressing the Go Button on the top right side of screen.

Argyll and Bute (A&B) Clients.

Please note:  A&B registered clients are only permitted to order leaflets, booklets, wheels, stickers, cups, postcards, non returnable DVDs, bags and posters.  Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Bulk Copies Requests.

Clients are only allowed to order a maximum of 25 copies of each leaflet and 2 copies of each poster.  If you have an one-off event where you require a large quantity of materials please email HIRS Manager:
or telephone 01463 704989 to discuss your needs.  We do try to accommodate individual requests depending on stock availability and costs.

Borrowing Resources for Longer than One Month.

Please contact HIRS Manager:
if you need to borrow returnable resources for longer than one month to discuss your requirements.