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To raise awareness of the actual cost towards NHS Highland of purchasing materials; we have added the leaflet and poster prices to our website.  When you view your basket you will see the prices but you will not be charged for ordering materials.  We hope that highlighting the costs will deter clients from stockpiling leaflets and posters and only order the quantities they need in the short term.





Breastfeeding. How Dads can Help.

Breastfeeding. How Dads can Help.  (1BAB/044/L)

This leaflet contains practical tips from dads and partners on getting breastfeeding off to a good start and how to overcome any challenges that might crop up.

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Handle With Care

Handle With Care  (1PAR/012/L)

This A5 leaflet is aimed at parents and explains why you should never shake a baby, how babies like to be held, how to cope with crying and places to go for help.

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The Eatwell Guide Poster 2016

The Eatwell Guide Poster 2016  (1FOO/002/P)

The Eatwell Guide replaces the Eatwell Plate. The main message remains in that the primary components of the diet should be fruit and vegetables and starchy carbohydrates, however there have also been a number of important changes in light of new evidence.  The knife and fork have been removed to clarify that this is the recommended proportions eaten over a day or more, not necessarily in one mealtime.



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Reach Out Banner Sail - Simple Style

Reach Out Banner Sail - Simple Style  (2HSG/002/D)

The 'Reach Out' campaign aims to tackle loneliness and social isolation in the Highlands and Argyll and Bute.   This lightweight Banner/Sail is set out in a simple style.

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Reach Out Banner Sail - Complex Style

Reach Out Banner Sail - Complex Style  (2HSG/003/D)

The 'Reach Out' campaign aims to tackle loneliness and social isolation in Highland and Argyll and Bute.  This lightweight Banner/Sail highlights that loneliness and social isolation has been linked to depression, heart disease, dementia and early death and is asking people to make a pledge to help those in the local community who may need support.



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What's New

2016 Adult and Child Flu and Shingles leaflets and posters in stock.

Type Flu or Shingles into Search Field on HIRS HPAC website's Home Page to bring up the full range of flu and shingles materials available to order.

Welcome to HIRS.

NHS Highland's Health Information and Resources Service (HIRS) is available for professionals, students and the general public working or living within NHS Highland's geographical area and Argyll and Bute council areas.  To borrow resources and order materials, you need to register with HIRS by completing the online registration form found at the top left of this page under the Login Box and select the Register here link. Visitors to our website are welcome to browse our website and download our range of leaflet and poster pdfs.

Argyll and Bute (A&B) Clients.

Please note:  A&B registered clients are not permitted to borrow returnable resources e.g. training packs, models, games, equipment etc but they can order leaflets, booklets, wheels, stickers, cups, postcards, non returnable DVDs and posters.  Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.