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Featured Resources

Tips To Help You Quit

A simple illustrated step-by-step guide to quitting. Using few words and friendly pictures, this publication provides tips ranging from setting a quit date, asking for help, drinking lots of water, physical activity, low calorie snacks and avoiding smoky situations and the "Just one puff" thoughts. Ideal for non-fluent English speakers or any reduced reading abilities. 2013 version.

(NB. No pdf available due to supplier's copyright restrictions).

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50 Blooming Good Reasons Not To Smoke When You Are Pregnant

A 1/3 A4-sized folded z-leaflet giving 50 reasons and tips to stop smoking whilst pregnant or planning to get pregnant, and if you quit smoking you can improve your health and protect your baby. Revised 2016 version.

(NB. No pdf available due to supplier's copyright restrictions).

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Healthy Weight in Pregnancy

A5-sized folded information leaflet for women who are pregnant, or planning a pregnancy, about having a healthy weight in pregnancy.

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Healthy Start Application Leaflet: Free Milk, Fruit, Vegetables and Vitamins HS01

Clients can also apply online at: https://www.healthystart.nhs.uk/healthy-start-vouchers/how-to-apply/online-application-form/

Healthy Start Application Leaflet (Free milk, Fruit, Veg and Vitamins) (HSO1A). This application form allows you to apply for Healthy Start vouchers to spend on milk, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and infant formula. You can also get free vitamin supplements.( 2016  edition). HIRS physical stock is latest (OCTOBER 2016) version but attached pdf is April 2014 version as updated PDF is currently unavailable which is identical and same pdf as available on the Healthy Start website. Should be issued at first point of contact by midwife as recommended in Highland Information Trail: Edition 9.

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Vitamin D and You - General Public

2017 version. Developed to promote the necessity of vitamin D to the public, this A5-sized folded leaflet explains why vitamin D is essential for everyone. 

Should be issued at first point of contact by Midwife as recommended in Highland Information Trail - Edition 9        

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Are You Worried About Your Memory?

A5-sized booklet giving reassuring and practical for anyone who is concerned about their memory. Sometimes people are afraid that forgetfulness is the start of something else, like dementia.  Most of us have times when we cannot remember something we ought to know. This is likely to happen to everyone now and then, in different ways. Your memory may be nothing to worry about, but this booklet will help you decide if you should visit your doctor. 2017 version.

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Please note Childhood immunisations  0-5 years is now called Protect your child against serious diseases. This can be found in the Immunisation section under leaflets . There is also stickers and bravery award to go with the new leaflet. This can all be ordered through our website.