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Selecting Booking Dates

When selecting your booking dates please be aware that the START date is the day the resources leave Assynt House and the END date is the day the resources are due back at Assynt House.  Please take this into account when choosing your booking dates and allow several days at the start and end of your bookings for resources to travel through NHS Highland’s mail system.


Health Information & Resources Service (HIRS) Festive Holidays

HIRS will close for the holidays at 1.00 pm on Wednesday, 23 December 2015 until the service re-opens on Wednesday, 6 January 2016 at 9.00 am.

New/Updated Resources




HIRS 2015 Customer Survey Feedback Report

HIRS 2015 Customer Survey Feedback Report  (3SUR/001/x)

Health Information and Resources Service (HIRS) A4 Customer Survey Feedback Report re results from survey carried out to all HIRS clients on 20 April 2015. Also separate Appendix One: HIRS Survey Feedback and Action Timetable document.

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Heavy Drinking: How Alcohol's Calories Add Up.

Heavy Drinking: How Alcohol's Calories Add Up.  (1DRA/003/M)

The six glasses each depict how many calories are in popular drinks, including the breakdown of calories from carbohydrates, fat and alcohol. Comes with A4 size,  two-sided tent card that explains how alcoholic drinks can be just as packed with calories as many common foods, such as french fries. Glasses are 8 cm in circumference and 18 cm tall. Tent card is two-sided and measures 22 cm x 28 cm.

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Clever Catch Ball, Drugs and Alcohol Vol.1

Clever Catch Ball, Drugs and Alcohol Vol.1  (1DRG/003/G)

A blow up ball which can be tossed round a group.  Includes more than 30 questions on how drugs and alcohol can affect lifestyle.  Includes answers and instructions.  Two questions (10 and 12) relate to US weights and measures.  Either do not use these questions or replace them with the following UK equivalents:-

Q10)  A pint of 4% abv beer, a standard glass (175mls) of 13% abv wine and 2 bottles (2 x 275mls) of 4% abv alcopop contain different amounts of alcohol.

ANSWER:  FALSE  -  they all contain approximately 2.3 units.

Q12)  The abv (alcohol by volume) given on the bottle is equal to twice the units of alcohol it contains?

ANSWER:  FALSE  -  this depends on the volume in the bottle.  (Volume multiplied by abv%) divided by 1000 = units.  E.g.  a 750ml bottle of 13% wine contains (750 x 13) = 9750 divided by 1000 = 9.75 units.



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Keeping in Touch

Keeping in Touch  (1PAR/010/L)

This booklet is mainly for parents who are separating or divorcing, and is based on extensive research into how separation and divorce affect children, and how parents can help their children cope.   It:

  • answers questions that parents often ask about how separation can affect children
  • explains how chldren often feel when their parents separate
  • makes practical suggestions about how to help them cope.

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Good mental health for ALL

Good mental health for ALL  (1MEN/001/B)

A4-sized multi-paged report bringing together a vision of a mentally flourishing Scotland and sets it in the context of current thinking and developments to address health inequalities - essential if good mental health for us all is to be achieved.

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Simple Meals 1

Simple Meals 1  (1FOO/048/x)


These Food Bank/Store cupboard simple meal ideas were devised by NHS Ayrshire and Arran Nutrition and Dietetic Health Promotion Team. The attached 9 recipes were tried and tested by the team and piloted with community projects. They are tasty, nutritious, based around the Eatwell Plate and can be quickly produced using ingredients from a store cupboard or a food bank. These meal ideas may be a first step for some before moving on to cook with fresh ingredients. Tips to save fuel are also included.

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What's New

HIRS 2015 Customer Survey Feedback Report and Action Timetable

Documents available to view on HPAC'S Home Page in PDF format.

HIRS Christmas and New Year Holidays.

The Health Information and Resources Service (HIRS) will close for the festive holidays at 1.00 pm on Wednesday, 23 December 2015 until the service re-opens on Wednesday, 6 January 2016.

Please return any outstanding resources before HIRS closes for the holidays and order your leaflets and posters early. Any orders received after 12 noon on Wednesday, 23 December 2015 will not be completed until after the holidays.

Registered HIRS clients will be able to order leaflets and posters and book returnable resources through HPAC but no orders or new client registrations will be processed until the library re-opens on Wednesday, 6 January 2016.

HPAC User Quick Guide - 3TRA/001/x.

The new user guide is available to download, view and print on HPAC by adding the text 3TRA/001/x to the search facility and pressing the Go Button on the top right side of screen.

Argyll and Bute (A&B) Clients.

Please note:  A&B registered clients are only permitted to order leaflets, booklets, wheels, stickers, cups, postcards, non returnable DVDs, bags and posters.  Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Bulk Copies Requests.

Clients are only allowed to order a maximum of 25 copies of each leaflet and 2 copies of each poster.  If you have an one-off event where you require a large quantity of materials please email HIRS Manager:
or telephone 01463 704989 to discuss your needs.  We do try to accommodate individual requests depending on stock availability and costs.

Borrowing Resources for Longer than One Month.

Please contact HIRS Manager:
if you need to borrow returnable resources for longer than one month to discuss your requirements.