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HIRS clients: when selecting your returnable resources booking dates please be aware that the start date is the day the resources leave Assynt House, Inverness and the end date is the day the resources are due back at Assynt House.  Please take this into account when choosing your booking dates and allow several days at the start and end of your booking for resources to travel through NHS Highland’s internal mail system. 

New and Highly Recommended Resources

Occluded Artery Model

Occluded Artery Model  (1HEH/001/M)

Responsible for changing the way many people think about cardiovascular health, this model magnifies the differences between a healthy artery and one that is clogged with sticky yellow plaque. Flip the display over and watch as blood cells zip through the clean artery in a couple of seconds while those in the atherosclerotic artery sluggishly wind their way through a jagged maze of plaque buildup-and stop-capturing the exact moment a heart attack occurs. 18 cm x 30 cm x 8 cm.

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Making Time to Talk

Making Time to Talk  (1MEN/052/L)

Coping with a mental illness is hard if you’re a parent. You may worry about how your illness will affect your children and how to manage it.

This booklet looks at what it’s like for the children. It gives advice about what you can do and what children need.

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Need to Know

Need to Know  (1MEN/051/L)

When a parent has a mental illness it can affect your life too. This booklet gives you information on mental illness and what it’s like to live with someone who’s got it. There is also a list of other organisations that can help.   This publication may be particularly helpful for young people aged 11 - 14 years.

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Carbon monoxide, smoking and your baby

Carbon monoxide, smoking and your baby  (1DRS/047/L)

A 1/3 A4-sized folded z-leaflet giving information on carbon monoxide through smoking and the effect this can have on an unborn baby. Provides details on what carbon monoxide is, how it gets into your baby and the benefits stopping smoking can have on both mother and baby.Also informs that NHS Highland offers carbon monoxide testing to all pregnant women to help reduce the incidence of stillbirth.

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Eating Well on a Budget

Eating Well on a Budget  (1FOO/017/L)

A5-sized 10-page booklet containing some ideas on making cheaper but nutritious and enjoyable meals. Contents and information include: shopping tips, cooking your food, convenience foods, cost-cutting ideas, snacks and several recipes with approximate costs. 2014 version of what was previously ’Healthy eating on a budget’.

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What everyone should know about HIV

What everyone should know about HIV  (1HIH/001/L)

A 1/3 A4-sized colourful folded z-leaflet informing and explaining the facts, as well as the realities, of HIV in the UK today. For further advice and information about HIV/AIDS go to .

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