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I Quit: stopping smoking when you're pregnant

I Quit: stopping smoking when you're pregnant  (1DRS/050/L)

Giving up smoking is the best thing you can do for your baby.  The good news is that you don’t have to do this on your own. There’s lots of free help available. This booklet will help you, along with your midwife and your local stop smoking services. If you have any questions or want more information, call Smokeline free on
0800 84 84 84 to speak to an expert, or visit

Please note: This publication replaces Fresh Start booklet which should be sent for recycling.



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Tips for new parents

Tips for new parents  (1PAR/011/L)

A6-sized multi-paged colour booklet that aims to give new parents tips on how to keep their relationship strong while adjusting to life with a new baby. Created in partnership with The Spark, NHS Health Scotland and the Scottish Government.

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Wash Your Hands  Why? When?  How?

Wash Your Hands Why? When? How?  (1HYG/004/P)

Aimed at children, this A4 poster explains to children why, when and how to wash their hands. This is done in a bright  and colourful way using easy to follow instructions with pictures inserted throughout the text. An excellent way to introduce children to the importance of hand washing and personal hygiene.
Useful for parents, nurseries, pre-schools, childrens' centres and infant/primary schools alike.

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Help Your Baby Move and Play Every Day

Help Your Baby Move and Play Every Day  (1BAB/043/L)

This leaflet is designed for parents and carers of young babies who have not yet started to walk. It includes information on how much physical activity babies need to do to benefit their health as well as practical physical activity ideas and how these can be incorporated into a daily routine. It provides an overview of:

  • why being active is important
  • what types of physical activity are best
  • ideas for active play
  • healthy eating for young children.

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Help Your Child Move and Play Every Day

Help Your Child Move and Play Every Day  (1EXE/035/L)

Tips and ideas for parents and carers on encouraging their under 5 year olds to be active every day. Advice on how to reduce sitting time along with guidance on what children should eat  and frequency of meals and snacks to ensure they get all the energy they need for activity.

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NHS Highland's Health Information and Resources Service (HIRS) is available for professionals, students and the general public working or living within NHS Highland's geographical area and Argyll and Bute council areas.  To borrow resources and order materials, you need to register with HIRS by completing the online registration form found at the top left of this page under the Login Box and select the Register here link. Visitors to our website are welcome to browse our website and download our range of leaflet and poster pdfs.

New Government Alcohol Guidelines for Men and Women.

Until suppliers reprint their alcohol leaflets and posters, existing alcohol materials stocked by HIRS will be amended to show new 14 weekly units of alcohol guidelines for men which are now the same for men and women. Pregnant women or women planning a pregnancy are advised not to drink any alcohol.

Argyll and Bute (A&B) Clients.

Please note:  A&B registered clients are not permitted to borrow returnable resources e.g. training packs, models, games, equipment etc but they can order leaflets, booklets, wheels, stickers, cups, postcards, non returnable DVDs and posters.  Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Bulk Copies Requests.

Clients are only allowed to order a maximum of 25 copies of each leaflet and 2 copies of each poster.  If you have an one-off event where you require a large quantity of materials please email HIRS Manager:
or telephone tel:01463 704989 to discuss your needs.  We do try to accommodate individual requests depending on stock availability and costs.

Borrowing Resources for Longer than One Month.

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