Information and advice about how to make this site more accessible.

Accessibility guides for platforms and browsers

This web site is designed to work with 'next generation' browsers such as IE6 and Firefox. It is strongly recommended by all the browser producers that you keep up to date with the latest versions, for both security and functionality reasons.

Each platform and browser has its own accessibility features and tip, please find below a number of links for most major systems and software.

Documents, downloads and plug-ins

Documents on this website are generally available as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files for users to download. Acrobat files are acceptable because they can be easily accessed using a product called Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge, and may already be installed on the computer. Adobe Reader has many built-in accessibility features and work in conjunction with some screen-reader software; the latest versions (6 and 7) including text-to-speech, follow the link above to the Adobe sight for further information.

Other plug-ins

From time to time this website will publish media which will require a free browser plug-in. The plug-ins we primarily use are:

All media will always be accompanied, where appropriate, with a text transcript, description or summary.

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