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Know Your Body Spot Cancer Early - Breast Cancer

If you want to know more about spotting the signs of breast cancer, this leaflet is for you.

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Make Time For Breast Screening

The NHS offers free breast screening to all women aged between 50-70. Evidence shows that routine screening in this age range is the best way to detect cancer early, when treatments have an increased survival rate. Breast screening doesn't prevent breast cancer but it does reduce the number of women who die from breast cancer each year.

This booklet explains why your're being invited for breast screening and the benefits and risks involved.

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Also available in BSL please see link below.


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Breast Awareness

A 1/3 A4-sized colour folded z-leaflet giving written advice and instructions for breast self-examination. Includes colour photos showing ’How do you check?’. Revised 2015 version.

(NB. No pdf available due to supplier's copyright restrictions).

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Breast Screening Postcard

All women aged 50 to 70 are invited to attend breast screening. Women who are aged 71 and over are welcome to attend be are asked to make their own appointment. Breast screening detects tiny cancers when they are often less advanced and easier to treat. This double sided postcard gives key facts and information about the breast screening programme and also signs and symptoms of breast cancer that women should be aware of.

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What's New

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Breast cancer is the most common cancer for women, with 1 in 8 women in Scotland developing the disease at some point during their lifetime. Evidence shows that routine screening in those between the ages of 50 and 70 is the best way to detect cancer early. Breast screening can detect tiny cancers when they are often less advanced and easier to treat. The combination of being breast aware and attending regular breast screening appointments is the best way of finding breast cancer at an early stage when treatment is more likely to be successful.


Those who are aged 71 and over are welcome to remain in the screening programme but are not automatically invited and are required to make their appointments through the screening centre.


Resources which we have available include NHS Health Scotland’s Make time for breast screening leaflet and our own breast screening postcard.