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Featured Resources

The Art of Conversation

A 3/4 A4-sized 16 paged colour booklet that includes sections on the myths and the signs of suicide, spotting the signs and helping, and advice on starting difficult conversations. It aims to help the reader to be a good listener, details training courses and includes other resources that are in place across Scotland and the rest of the UK. 2015 version. Also available as a pdf download in Chinese, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak and Urdu from NHS Health Scotland website:- http://www.healthscotland.com/documents/2842.aspx

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R U Worried?

A5-sized colour folded pull-out guide to what you can do when you’re feeling worried. Aimed at 8-12 year olds.

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Ups And Downs


This card set can be used reflectively to survey and review our own personal journeys. It is ideal for therapeutic conversations about coping with change, choices and how we might hold on to clarity and hope when the fog descends.


These cards can also be used for a range of fun and informal activities including ice breakers or as a stimulus for creative writing. Use them at a staff meeting to clarify where everyone is at. Use them in a supervisory or mentoring scenario to talk about achievements and challenges. Highly appealing to people of all ages, the cards are also ideal for men and boys.

The 54 Ups and Downs cards present scenarios any bathtub sailor might experience: from the bliss of steady winds and calm seas to the terror of cyclones; from the relief of seeing the beam of a lighthouse to the anxiety of watching circling sharks. This is one of our most versatile resources for psychologist, counsellors, mental health workers, educators, managers and life coaches.

All ages
54 full-coloured laminated cards, 95mm x 135mm, 32 page booklet, all boxed.

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Strengths in Teams

Most of us spend a great deal of our lives being part of one team or another: at school, in the community, in clubs, in sport and at work.

'Strengths in Teams' is a set of 28, full colour, laminated cards that identify and illustrate important elements of successful teamwork.

This card set has two simple messages:

  1. we all contribute strengths to our teams
  2. we all gain strengths from our teams.

'Strengths in Teams' is all about noticing, identifying, mobilising and celebrating these strengths.

All ages.

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Feeling your baby move is a sign that they are well/Reporting reduced fetal movements, what should i expect

The aim of the leaflet is to raise awareness of the importance of monitoring fetal movements and reporting any reduced movements. This 2 sided leaflet contains clear messaging  on reduced fetal movements consistent with national guidelines and aims to tackle the myths and untrue messaging on one side.

The flip side explains what care women should expect to receive when they report reduced fetal movement during each trimester.

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