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For Well Now facilitators only. Can be used separately or in conjunction with SECA 437 Adapter (1WEI/003/E) and SECA 899 Digital Scales (4EQU/001/I)

SECA 217 Stadiometer for mobile height measurement that has a cleverly designed assembly system that gives an exceptionally high degree of stability – almost the same as a permanent installation. In addition, the adjustable spacer ensures a secure hold without any fittings. Easily disassembled and easy to carry anywhere in a lightweight padded carry case.  Suitable for measuring the height of individuals who can stand unaided.

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  • Creator (Author):  SECA
  • Publisher:  SECA
  • Date:  2014
  • Subject:  4EQU Equipment
  • Language:  English
  • Format:  Default
  • Use by:  Professional
  • Use for:  General

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