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This card set can be used reflectively to survey and review our own personal journeys. It is ideal for therapeutic conversations about coping with change, choices and how we might hold on to clarity and hope when the fog descends.


These cards can also be used for a range of fun and informal activities including ice breakers or as a stimulus for creative writing. Use them at a staff meeting to clarify where everyone is at. Use them in a supervisory or mentoring scenario to talk about achievements and challenges. Highly appealing to people of all ages, the cards are also ideal for men and boys.

The 54 Ups and Downs cards present scenarios any bathtub sailor might experience: from the bliss of steady winds and calm seas to the terror of cyclones; from the relief of seeing the beam of a lighthouse to the anxiety of watching circling sharks. This is one of our most versatile resources for psychologist, counsellors, mental health workers, educators, managers and life coaches.

All ages
54 full-coloured laminated cards, 95mm x 135mm, 32 page booklet, all boxed.

Resource details

  • Subject:  1MEN Mental Health
  • Language:  English
  • Format:  Text, Images, A5

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