Up and About - Taking Positive Steps to Avoid Trips and Falls

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This 2019 booklet gives older people tips on how to reduce their risk of trips and  falls.  They might not need all of this information right now, but can dip in and out of the booklet whenever they need to find the bits that are useful to them. The booklet includes subject areas:

  • How can I look after my health?
  • How can I keep active?
  • How can I move about safely?
  • What if I fall?
  • Where can I go for advice?
  • Healthcare professionals you might meet.

Please refer to accompanying poster ’Tips to Prevent Trips and Falls’, catalogue number 1SAF/009/P.

Resource details

  • Creator (Author):  NHS Health Scotland
  • Publisher:  NHS Health Scotland
  • Date:  2019
  • Subject:  1SAF Safety/Acc Prev/First Aid
  • Language:  English
  • Format:  Text, Images, A4
  • Identifier:  978-1-84485-584-8
  • Use by:  Professional
  • Use for:  Adults
  • Contributor:  National Osteoporosis Soceity, Age Scotland
  • Open L1SAF018L1.pdf new page gif
    (4664 Kb  pdf)

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